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Try to Guess Whether Jack White Owns a Cell Phone

Jack White has a new Raconteurs album coming out this week, which means he’s giving interviews and finding new methods of positioning himself at a quirky anachronistic eliminated from the pedestrian issues of modern-day existence. The subject matter of the day? Cell phones. We all recognize that White banned attendees from the use of them at live shows in the final year. But does Jack White—the man who as soon as produced a Neil Young album on a vintage recording tool the size of a phone booth, who built a guitar out of a fencepost, whose wardrobe consists of 1000 variations at the theme of dressing like the 1940s—personal a cell cellphone himself? Scroll down to discover! Keep scrolling. Almost there. Why not pay attention to “Hotel Yorba” while you don’t forget the alternatives?

What do you watch? Does Jack White, an avatar of the whole thing old-timey, awaken each morning and check Instagram? Does he use Google Maps to navigate in his horse and buggy or completely restored Model T? Has he ever heard of TikTok? Did he shed a tear while Vine closed down? When there’s a change of plans for an upcoming excursion, can his managers and assistants reach him directly, or must they leave a message in the system at domestic? Does Jack White own a cellular telephone? Jack White no longer holds a cell phone, as he explained to BBC’s Channel 4. Here’s the video interview, wherein he forewent the “corrupt Forties casino proprietor” look he’s desired currently for more of a dressed-down “Nineteen Forties avenue urchin” ensemble.

Cell Phone

To think: Jack White doesn’t own a mobile cellphone, and he by no means has owned one. He calls cell telephones a “dependancy,” one that he doesn’t have, and that is sincerely a truthful point. My telephone makes me aggravated and sad: It wakes me up with its horrible buzz in the morning and keeps me up at night; it has me continuously tethered to a social media landscape that is negative to our psyches and our political establishments in increasingly more obvious ways, and but I can’t deliver myself to throw it away. Sometimes, even if he’s predictable, you must admit that Jack White is proper.

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