The Era of General Purpose Computers is Ending

Moore’s Law has underwritten a remarkable period of growth and stability for the computer industry. The doubling of transistor density at a predictable cadence has fueled not only five decades of increased processor performance, but also the rise of the general-purpose computing model. However, according to a pair of researchers at MIT and Aachen University, […]

Alleged hacker fails in attempt to have seized computers returned

A British-Finnish computer scientist and activist accused by the US of hacking into computers belonging to the FBI and the Pentagon has failed in his attempt to have his confiscated laptops and computers returned. Lauri Love, 34, had cited laws affirming the right to private property in his legal effort to have his possessions – […]

Computers are becoming multilingual — and NLP experts are in great demand

In the middle of the highway, my father turned to our car navigation system for directions. Before chalking out a route from Calcutta to Santiniketan, the system asked our language preference — would we want to be guided through the alleys, bridges, and villages in English, Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, the list went on and […]


Sailfish X is a downloadable version of Sailfish OS, the popular alternative mobile operating system. The Sailfish community offering is now extended to include a fully supported version of the Linux-based Sailfish OS for the Gemini PDA. The official Sailfish X software package features a suite of advanced functions, including seamless over-the-air (OTA) OS updates, […]

Info passed on to builders? IT cell seizes computers of NHAI ..

NEW DELHI: The IT cell of National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) on Wednesday seized nearly half a dozen computers of staff working in the organisation, triggering panic and shock among the employees. The operation was carried out based on the input that sensitive documents and information linked to projects and policies were being passed […]

African and Irish students benefit from use of recycled Irish computers

An Irish charity which recycles computers to help people from disadvantaged communities around the world to learn is celebrating a significant milestone. Camara Education, based in Chapelizod in Dublin, says it has positively impacted the education of three million students in Africa and Ireland. Operating since 2005, the charity refurbishes computers donated by companies and […]

Carbon nanotube computers face a make-or-break moment

When entering the clean room at Bloomington, Minnesota–based SkyWater Technology Foundry, everyone, reporters included, must don gloves, a hair bonnet, a hood, a safety suit, and booties. The final touches are safety goggles, as well as another, fresh pair of gloves. Going into a clean room where semiconductor chips are being manufactured is like going […]

Most laptops vulnerable to attacks via plug-in devices: Study

LONDON: Many modern laptops and an increasing number of desktop computers are much more vulnerable to hacking through common plug-in devices than previously thought, a study has found. The researchers from the University of Cambridge in the UK and Rice University in the US shows that attackers can compromise an unattended machine in a matter […]

Calculating Quantum Computing’s Future

In 1982, Nobel Prize–winning physicist Richard Feynman conceived of an ultrapowerful calculator that relies on microscopic particles to operate. He called his idea a “quantum” computer, referring to the laws that govern nature at a subatomic level. Today, some of the technology industry’s biggest companies, such as IBM, Google, Intel, Microsoft, and China’s Alibaba, have […]

Business owner helps struggling students by donating, repairing computers

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) – If you were to read Daniel Hernandez’s Facebook messenger you would see most messages are coming from struggling students across Texoma. Hernandez is the owner of Night Shift Computers and he said not too long ago he helped a mother of four, who said her kids would use her phone […]