This Singapore-based E-trade Platform Taking Companies to China Thinks Social Commerce is the Strategy of the Future

Kawai Chong, the CEO of Kino Biotech Group and co-founding father of both Kinofy and the Kinohimitsu brand, is a man who dons many hats. With over two decades of revel within the health and beauty industry, Chong is one of many older experts in Asia who apprehend what the customer wishes. At Kinney, a spin-off of Kino Biotech Group, Chong is supporting emblem owners to kickstart their entry into the Chinese market through move-border e-trade importation. This technique of importation extensively reduces the premature funding required for agencies to set up a presence in China.

For example, the system for product registration is simplified and expedited. This presents speed to the marketplace, that’s important for instant-paced retail groups. Also, through go-border e-trade importation, traders are most effectively prone to pay taxes upon selling products. This has a hugely positive effect on the merchant’s cash flow. Kinney claims to combine e-trade management, advertising, marketing automation, order control, inventory management, logistics management, transport control, and more with the Kinofy cloud-primarily based platform that offers traders a single view in their commercial enterprise, each time, anywhere.

E-trade Platform

Chong leads the Kinofy team to craft an all-rounded and seamless purchasing experience through online and offline channels, ensuring that present-day purchasers gain from a holistic journey. Entrepreneur Asia Pacific caught up with Kawee Chong to analyze moreabouty the e-trade platform he helps run, the energy of social media, and go-border alternate possibilities. Over the years, retail has advanced from brick-and-mortar shops to e-commerce and e-marketplaces, and now, social commerce is heading mainstream. If you have a retail or commercial enterprise, hop on the social commerce bandwagon. There’s no time to waste, thinks Chong. “Social media lets us satisfy the need for romance and belonging by forging connections and building communities. From an enterprise attitude, social media platforms are a brilliant way to accumulate and interact with our goal audiences and convert them into customers or maybe advocates,” Chong said.


Chong says Kinofy’s 8-Step Market Entry Programme is designed to equip traders with the necessities to start their social trade business in China. Besides a robust e-commerce platform and cost-added offerings, traders are empowered with marketplace insights, realize-hows, and practical training that put together them to be operationally equipped. “Once merchants have efficiently registered their merchandise and set up their WeChat keep, we offer solutions that help them keep site visitors and construct logo groups,” Chong explains. At Kinney, Chong believes that constructing a strong logo network is key to the logo’s growth and sustainability. Hence, we provide over two hundred social selling tools inside the platform that traders can use to construct, engage, and manipulate their emblem community. Unlike other social media that limit content access, WeChat traders might also talk immediately with a hundred of their fans.

Future Plans

For merchants who come on board with Kinofy, Chong strives to alleviate their issues over the multitude of demanding situations that incorporate new market access, particularly one as large as China. To achieve this, the employer enables them to simplify complex techniques, expedite tedious strategies, automate repetitive duties, and build a seamless infrastructure. “It is all approximately Smart, Simple, and Seamless,” Chong said. The employer focuses (and has continually been) on assisting foreign manufacturers in breaking into theChinesea market, says Chong. “Besides Singapore homegrown brands, on board with us are manufacturers from our closest neighbor, Malaysia, and throughout the globe, from Canada. Our pipeline includes manufacturers from everywhere globally, such as Australia, the the UK, the US, France, and South Korea. At the same time, we are activelylookingt for capability-certified partners,” Chong said.

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