Does Apple even care about computers anymore?

Apple announced remaining week that it’d no longer be freeing AirPower, its long-awaited wireless-charging pad. The employer apologized, pronouncing it had “concluded AirPower will not obtain our excessive requirements and we’ve got canceled the project.”Does Apple even care about computers anymore? 1
Such inflexible satisfactory requirements don’t appear to be a problem for its pc division.
Over the past 4 years, Apple has released three generations of pc computers which have been plagued with keyboard troubles. The enterprise is facing more than one magnificence-movement proceedings even after tinkering with the keyboard layout multiple instances.
Buyers have endured to enjoy keys that get stuck, grow to be unresponsive, or maybe simply fall off the $1,200-and-up MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro laptops released in view that April 2015. I wouldn’t be able to write this on my own 3-year-vintage MacBook Pro, as my shift and command keys these days both stopped running. I have typically located those to be essential keys while looking to kind or…do just about anything on a pc. But perhaps that’s just me.
I should, theoretically, take it into an Apple store to get it serviced, as Apple is presenting to do without cost on a maximum of its affected laptops. As The Wall Street Journal’s Joanna Stern (paywall) recently noted (at the same time as experiencing similar stuck-key problems), the carrier should take days or even weeks to fix and Apple stores aren’t truly the properly-oiled purchaser reports they were. (Instead, I’ve given in to having it look like ee cummings has taken hold of my laptop’s output.)
Apple’s different pc problems
In 2017, Apple stated that it might launch a new edition of its high-end Mac Pro computing device in 2018. It’s 2019 now, and Apple simply had its spring release event without information about the computer. Even if it does show off a prototype at its annual builder’s conference in June as rumored, it might still be 12 months past due.
There’s additionally the iMac Pro, launched in overdue 2017, that is less upgradeable than the vintage trendy iMac, and any adjustments need to be made with the aid of an Apple-licensed carrier center. The iMac Pro begins at $five,000.
Conversely, the brand new iPad Pro is a splendid gadget. I bought one nearly as quickly as they have been released, and it has ended up a staple of my home and tour use. The keyboard, albeit small and squishy, never has a problem with keys that stop working.
Is this a cynical ploy from Apple to persuade more Mac users to exchange over to iPads? Probably no longer, but then, after years of each person wondering Apple became slowing down their iPhones and the organization saying no, it grew to become out, it was. So maybe it’s not that outlandish for purchasers to imagine some other scheme is afoot.

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