Sailfish X is a downloadable version of Sailfish OS, the popular alternative mobile operating system. The Sailfish community offering is extended to include a fully supported version of the Linux-based Sailfish OS for the Gemini PDA.
The official Sailfish X software package features a suite of advanced functions, including seamless over-the-air (OTA) OS updates, Jolla Store access, end-user support, Microsoft Exchange support, and, crucially, Gemini users, support for landscape user-interface (UI). The cost of Sailfish X for Gemini is €29.90 (incl. VAT), and it is currently available for customers within the EU, Norway & Switzerland.

One of the most popular Indiegogo projects of 2017-2018, raising more than $2.5 million, Gemini re-imagines the PDA in a clamshell mobile device with a fully functioning physical keyboard and a large (5.99 inch) multi-touch color display. Gemini enables users to type emails, blogs, and social media posts easily on the go.
Dr. Janko Mrsic-Flogel, CEO of Planet Computers, comments: “The decision to offer Sailfish OS on the Gemini came about following strong demand from both the Gemini and Jolla communities. The Gemini PDA joins the Sailfish device family with its fully integrated multi-lingual keyboard. This provides Sailfish users with an all-in-one mobile device to type and create on the move.”
Sami Pienimäki, CEO of Jolla, says: “We have been excited to see Planet Computers’ offering to take off so well with already a second successful PDA device crowdfunding campaign, the Cosmo Communicator. We are delighted to extend our community offering, Sailfish X, to support Gemini PDA devices officially. This is a perfect example of a community collaboration, which has been developed further and is now productized. We’re looking forward to continuing our collaboration with Planet in their upcoming devices.”
Notes to editors:
About Planet Computers:
Based in London, Planet Computers is the mobile handset manufacturer behind the award-winning Gemini PDA and the new Cosmo Communicator.
Inspired by the Psion devices of the mid-1990s, Planet Computers wanted to reimagine the clamshell form-factor for modern audiences. Following a hugely successful Indiegogo campaign in 2017, the company raised $2.5 million in investment in the Gemini PDA – nearly tripling its original target. Users worldwide now use the Gemini PDA, and Planet Computers has recently launched a new smartphone – the Cosmo Communicator.
Gemini is a multi-boot mobile device capable of booting into Android OS and several Linux distributions – including Sailfish. Gemini’s large 4220mAh battery lets users remain connected without having to carry a tablet or laptop.
Alongside mobile hardware, Planet Computers has also developed and released original software exclusively for its devices – including the popular Agenda, Notes, and Data applications available to download from the Google Play store.

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