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Mobile Phones: When A Boon Becomes A Curse

The recent case of a young lady getting overrun via a educate even as on foot on the railway music and talking on her cell smartphone has once more highlighted the lethal disadvantage of abusing a top-notch era.
“We can see teens the use of cell phone for texting or speaking while strolling at the footpath or crossing the road. Many times I had counseled them against it”, said Sushila a resident of Peelamedu.
The usage of cell phones while riding is also extraordinarily dangerous. It often outcomes in severe accidents to the user and others. Rules banning drivers from the use of the cellular phone want to be strictly applied.
“Most people are visible busy messaging, watching soap operas or paying attention to songs. This is the common fashion nowadays in buses,” says Sundhar, a non-public bus conductor.
“Excess use of cellular phones can purpose addiction. People have determined the usage of cell phones even in a celebration. The excessive utilization of social media has decreased the interpersonal skills of people,” says Ms. Swathi Priya, a Counselling Psychologist.
Psychologists are of the opinion that the repeated utilization of cell phones can reason sleep disturbances, tension, melancholy, reduced productiveness.
No doubt cellular telephones have made a modern alternative in the field of verbal exchange and daily lives of humans and feature end up necessary. All private details like emails, contacts, pics et al are stored within the mobile telephones via apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.
“The smart cellphone has made it easy for me to talk my protection with my dad and mom. Its various applications help me in staying up to date with the contemporary developments around the world,” says Gokila, a college scholar.
Indeed, mobile phones want to use carefully. Else they could without problems emerge as a curse to humanity at large.

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