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Countywide School Cell Phone Policy Coming Soon

Board of Education President Tim Turner was known as the meeting to order before reciting The Pledge of Allegiance. There has been no citizens’ input at this assembly. Consequently, TVEMS Principal Teresa Brusak supplied her recurring update. She informed the board she had accomplished a scholar engagement survey in a non-conventional way wherein she and Vice-Principal Kelly Thompson assessed a team. The break provided a copy of the reports to the board individuals with a graph of the findings on how much student engagement is currently being witnessed in the lecture room.

“So each month we’re going to place this out, so the lecturers recognize in which they’re”, Brusak said. She protected an electronic mail to the educators with numerous tips on growing engagement and asked them to proportion their thoughts with every different. This document became done as a college, no longer based totally on any character performance. “This is simply supposed to offer an ordinary photograph, not for every trainer to need to shield what they were doing at that time”, she introduced.


Test rankings were discussed subsequently. “Our first country benchmarking scores were very, very low”, Brusak persevered. She said some third graders had been so burdened over the lack of knowledge of the take-a-look that they cried. She informed the board there was some confusion and several adjustments made with the country’s aid concerning the benchmark trying out strategie. This resulted in inconsistencies in systems made by using every instructor.

Because of this, the facts aren’t comparable to determine a correct rating, but she said, “No, count how you have a look at it; they’re no longer in which we want them”. Teachers had been advised to apply the object reviewer as often as possible to put together students better for those standardized exams. However, it turned into stated a few instructors are resisting doing such for worry it will take an excessive amount of day out of their schedule. Break and Thompson continue to inspire instructors to do that daily and assist in strategies to help the lecturers.

TVEMS has additionally been operating on a 5-12 monthly plan for Math for Life due to a $10,000 supply designed to grow math rankings. Break supplied innovative ideas to engage youngsters in math with hints like a math recreation night, poster contests, or placemat sports at neighborhood restaurants where the students could compete for prizes. Pocahontas County Schools are also doing a software Brusak feels is a success and hopes to join. A literacy night is also being planned for March. The subject matter may be superheroes, and Brusak hopes several students and parents will attend the event.

Break also supplied a shortlist because of a CSI statement that she felt were short, simple fixes they are addressing inside her college. She also took a second to congratulate the college basketball team for their recent win over Petersburg through a twenty-six-point margin. “We had group spirit galore; every person mentioned theyhade never seen this type of turnout for middle college before”, she exclaimed. Superintendent Alicia Lambert delivered, “I think there had been over 100 students there”, and suggested that they had furnished an interesting bus for college kids to wait for the sport.

Turner delivered the TCHS proposed mobile telephone policy mentioned in the previous meeting. “We had commenced out asking the excessive school to carry to us a manner, and I think after the ultimate presentation, a poll of the participants in my view, it appeared like there was a loss of development on that unique item”, Turner advised. “It turned into a feeling that the board office could devise a method for the entire county”, he persevered. Turner requested Lambert to accumulate samples to offer to every board member from other counties useful resources in the compilation of a manner that would meet the unique desires of Tucker County. The goal is to have the county coverage finalized within the revised manual earlier than the college year takes up in the fall.

Kim Lipscomb and Jonathan Hicks, title nine representatives, attended training that day and cited that this will be a slightly more stringent mission than first believed. Lambert said, “Right now, schools can say if it occurred outside of school hours, there’s not anything we can do approximately that, we will’t police that”. She persisted, “They’re telling them that, that’s converting that if it occurs outside of college hours, however, it’s affecting the child’s schooling in the course of school, so you have to act”.

This could bring about various prison problems requiring lawyers and the courtroom machine, so Lambert stated she feels, “We may need to take a stronger stance on mobile cellphone usage in college because of this”. She noted the State Department requests every county not restrict mobile telephones totally; instead, train using the era and tools as it should be. It asked if the approach could include stipulations for instructors to use their cell phones even within the schoolroom. It turned into saying it’d be relevant to all people.

The meeting moved into new commercial enterprise with the approval of the mins from February 4, the fee of payments, price range modifications, out-of-state journey and discipline trips, and TCHS senior task shadow websites to include City of Elkins Water Department, Tucker County Solid Waste Authority, and Barb Funeral Home. Board member Cathy Hebb asked about the approximate expenses on the paperwork for the experience at Chick-fil-A Quest in Ohio. Lambert responded this experience is being protected through the STEM provide for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

It turned into asking for the popularity of the request for the retirement of Tambra Hebb, second-grade trainer at DTEMS, and Laura Michele Felton, Title, Teacher, at TVEMS, powerful June 30, 2019. Cindy Joseph, an eighth-grade STEM trainer, additionally submitted her resignation on June 30, 2019. Motion turned into made by Vice President Chopper Evans, 2nd by Hebb.

There became one request for leave without pay for Emilee Amaro, and the movement was made using Hebb and 2d by board member Jessica Wamsley. Underemployment on the timetable, Lambert encouraged Kelly Reed to be hired as an Extended Day Enrichment Teacher at TVEMS, and retroactive Greg Hyre, TVEMS boy’s basketball educator, to December 14, 2018, for clinical depart. A movement became made through Hebb and 2nd via board member Chris Gross.

The January 2019 Financial Statement was agreed upon earlier than discussing the approaching February 25 paintings session dedicated to performing the superintendent evaluation. Turner reviewed the document packet with his fellow board members to ensure clarity. It was mentioned that the location for April and May board meetings would vary from the recurring board office room. The April 1 meeting will be at DTEMS, April 16 at TCHS, and May 6 could be held at TVEMS.

There will be three makeup days scheduled due to inclement weather if you want to be observed on May 23, 24, and 28. TCHS baccalaureate might be on May 23 at 6 p.m. At TCHS Auditorium with graduation at R.H. Armstrong Memorial Field on May 24, each at 6 p.m., TVEMS will host their eighth grade promoting on May 21 with their magnificence experience to Kennywood commencing May 28. ITEMS will have a look at their 8th-grade graduation on May 17, with their ride-taking area on May 20-22.

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