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This Startup’s Making Tech to Convert Air Pollution Into Gasoline

A Silicon Valley entrepreneur thinks there’s nevertheless an area for gas in the future — we need to supply it from the air in place of the ground.This Startup’s Making Tech to Convert Air Pollution Into Gasoline 1
Rob McGinnis is the founder and CEO of Prometheus, a startup developing a gadget that pulls carbon out of the surroundings and transforms it into usable fuel. The idea is that the device might trap and convert extra carbon than McGinnis’ automobile might produce — essentially making fossil fuel-powered cars a carbon-impartial shape of transportation.

Prometheus is now receiving funding from the distinguished accelerator Y Combinator, which announced plans in October to start focusing its attention — and money — on improving carbon seize technology.
“We have the conviction that it’s a worthwhile undertaking to cast off CO2 from the air and rework it into something else useful or parent out the way to keep it properly, long-time period,” Y Combinator CEO Sam Altman in a blog publish on time. “They may additionally appear like moonshots now, but we intend to try to provide you with technically feasible solutions at practical costs.”
Optimism Abounds
For now, Prometheus is still inside the moonshot section. While McGinnis showed his prototype tool to a Bloomberg reporter in March, it nevertheless hadn’t produced sufficient fuel to strengthen his Volkswagen Golf hatchback for even a mile.
Still, that hasn’t discouraged the entrepreneur, who advised Bloomberg he believes he’ll be selling gasoline for kind of $3 in line with gallon before the give up of 2020.

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