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Tech growing need for brand new talents, says Accenture’s Menon

NEW DELHI: As chairman and senior managing director at control consulting firm Accenture in India, Rekha M. Menon facilitates clients to navigate the disruption caused by modifications in a generation. Her consciousness is on digital strategies, and she wants the company to be referred to as the innovation partner for its clients. In an interview, Menon talks about how intelligent technologies are reshaping the demand for obligations, capabilities, and jobs and how groups want a new method of getting to know you to reap the growth promised by new technologies. Edited excerpts:

How do you observe new technologies like AI will reshape the demand for abilities and jobs?

It’s already reshaping it fairly dramatically; it’s beyond and no longer simply AI. One, numerous new activity roles are that weren’t there before and emerging quickly. In truth, we co-led a look at with Nasscom, just in our industry, we stated that there could be a hundred and fifty-five-plus new capabilities and 66-plus new task roles. Similarly, what’s going on in every enterprise that you see? Two years ago, you didn’t have drone operators, correct? That’s a new acting role or a social media manager in your industry (journalism), which wasn’t there and is a new role that has emerged. Therefore, what technology is doing is creating the want for brand new abilities. The job itself may not have changed. For example, a healthcare provider or a nurse, however, their desire for administrative obligations disappears because it’s got automatic. They have to build on one-of-a-kind skills like greater empathy, more time for the patients, etc. And that’s the second thing that is happening.


The 0.33 element is that we need human plus gadget capabilities, as we ought to learn to paint with machines; therefore, that calls for extraordinary abilities. For example, when you cross onto an app to connect with a bank, there is a computerized chatbot that has to gain knowledge to apprehend – are you an irritated customer? Are you seeking out a loan, or are you looking for extra statistics? So that training is very distinctive. There is a lot of fear about reskilling, so how does reskilling seize up with the tempo of technology, and what do companies want to do?

If I look at what businesses want to do, I can talk from our example. We learned fairly fast that the days of lengthy training are over. The mantra is speedy skilling, micro-gaining knowledge of all the time, everywhere, or on the cross. We changed our mastering curriculum and created a new learning framework. We have been surely using neural networks and know-how of ways humans examine, making it extra experiential, modular, and more gamified.

But this means organizations have to put money into education. According to Accenture’s research, 80% of Indian enterprise leaders do not agree that their workforce has the talents they can paint with advanced technologies and AI. Yet, fewer than three plan to significantly boost their schooling funding in the following few years. There is a gap right here. The ultimate element is the learning itself has to exchange because now we have an idea about studying; we anticipate that getting to know isn’t like operating. You learn for an X number of years, then you come to the team of workers, and then you work. One, that model has long gone. Two, there is no predictability anymore. The complete thinking has to alternate; the entire framework has to exchange and notice how we equip our children now not with content material but the way to study. How do we make them agile and provide them with human abilities, because lots of extra on the way to be wanted?

What about the troubles of facts privateness and cybersecurity? And how have organizations coped with that?
I am satisfied you requested this because one of the things we are speaking about as our next technology imaginative and prescient going ahead is pronouncing that inside the publish digital global, the most important trouble is agreed with. What you are pronouncing here has virtually to do with trust; how do you guarantee your customers, customers, andr people that their records are secured? Secondly, it’s miles being utilized responsibly because we all surrender some privateness to get better services.

I permit Google to understand where I am so that it may give me a better map. Hence, I am giving up my privateness, but that ought to be utilized in an accountable and obvious way, which components of my records are getting used and for what motive. So, it’s a large trouble and really tons boardroom topic. And groups that don’t focus on that significantly affect their bottom lines. So, belief is big commercial enterprise trouble because you may have a sizeable negative impact on the business; however, if y, our enterprise can be relied on, your brand will do better than another logo.

Why can we have so few women leaders in a generation?

Let’s step back from generation because technology as an industry does as an alternative nicely. If you look it across, girls within the team of workers are a bigger difficulty. It is a mixture of multiple elements and how they develop into the workforce, which maintains them within the group of workers. Not only inside the crew but also out of doors- the tradition, the familial, social, and monetary situations that manifest not take part them or drop out, after which third might be what biases exist. Our past due CEO took a stand, and we’ve committed that we can be 50:50, i.e., gender-neutral by 2025, and we’re nicely on the course. In India, approximately forty of our workforce is girls.

So, first off, there must be a leadership dedication. It’s like some other commercial enterprise approach that you make a dedication, then you music it, then post it, and then you are transparent about it. Secondly, you must ensure that the policies are around; there’s no factor driving dedication without it. If there’s a method, you will take steps to make it work. It’ss, like some other enterprise approach, is needed, what plans are wanted, and what policy modifications are had to achieve that purpose. Lastly, ladies should aspire, raise their fingers, and demand their vicinity inside the solar.

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