S&P Consultants Ranked inside the Best in KLAS: Software and Services Report for Fourth Consecutive Year

To collect the report, KLAS talks to heaps of groups to acquire perception on their implementation reports with the diffusion of carriers and how well those carriers stay as much as expected. “Of the many accolades available to businesses in our area, this one is mainly significant,” said Andy Splitz, Cco-founder and CEO of S&P Consultants. “That’s as it represents the opinions of our customers—and their peer set. These human beings have directly reveled in implementing HIT solutions and operating with some of the industry’s nnicests specialists and software program carriers.

For them to single us out this manner once more this year is not handiest very satisfying, but it’s also quite motivating to our difficult-operating crew.” This year, S&P was rated inside the HIT Implementation Support and Staffing category with a rating of 92.Nine out of one hundred. As part of KLAS’s studies, candid and anonymized comments from S&P customers accumulated. Many of the remarks furnished by S&P clients spoke to how our understanding helped all events in the implementation obtain their common purpose. Here are a few highlights:


S&P Consultants helped steer us away from chance and… Set us up a whole lot better for destiny success
Director, Project Results – Aug 2018.
S&P Consultants helped us figure out things the EHR supplier stated were impossible. And we and S&P Consultants additionally discovered other matters collectively. That turned into a pretty accomplishment. S&P Consultants, in reality, did associate with us and helped us through the entire task.
Manager, Project Results – Dec 2018

I could settle with S&P Consultants once more in a heartbeat. We appreciated that they had been inclined to inform us what we needed to pay attention to. Some of the other experts we have labored with would often tell us what we wanted to pay attention. To But S&P Consultants changed into a touch one of a kind. Right out of the gate, I should say that they were up to the front and did things extremely well. They have been exquisite about telling us how matters had been. Also, the people that S&P Consultants gave us had been outstanding. They have been head and shoulders above the individuals we have been getting from every other supplier.

S&P Consultants has a good methodology. They use a method and structure for implementations based on some of their preceding engagements. The process was a big difference from what we had with every other vendor. There was a night-and-day difference when we delivered S&P Consultants into our implementation. In general, S&P Consultants’ humans, framework, and potential to have candid conversations have been the matters that set them aside.

Director, Project – Jan 2019

S&P Consultants didn’t include an attitude of telling us what they have executed and what we should do. They sincerely found our operation as a lot as viable. They had been able to combine what they knew with our workflow. I was truly impressed.

Manager, Tools, and Methodology – Dec 2018

I became struck by the truth that S&P Consultants could initiate hobbies and work without being advised. They weren’t sitting around waiting for instructions. They integrated with our staff and essentially became a part of our workforce. And they had been the subject matter professionals for us. S&P Consultants worked very intently with our groups, and they always had new things to achieve. They might provoke matters.

Manager, People, and Knowledge – Dec 2018

The biggest element that sets S&P Consultants aside is that their human beings are extremely comfy working in a patron’s surroundings. Some experts speak around a table in the conference room. But S&P Consultants’ human beings don’t simply stay at the desk. They are out in the trenches running with the crew. They pass where they’re wanted. That stands proud. They show us how to do the things they talk about. The experts made our folks secure. Our personnel participants look ahead to the experts approaching the website online. People approach me and ask whether or not the consultants are coming in.

Manager, People, and Knowledge – Dec 2018

Zach Johnson, S&P’s Chief Strategy Officer, lays plenty of the firm’s achievement on the theft of its validated implementation technique called S&P InTegrity™. “Integrity is a unique method to HIT implementations that enables clients to ensure their crew’s success, supply the best-fine result, and maximize their ROI. Integrity gives clients higher visibility into the potential (not unusual) pitfalls that lay in looking ahead to many implementations. The procedure additionally facilitates a customer bind approach to execution, ensuring that they’re leveraging era to serve each tof their scientific and revenue goals at the very best tiers. Our method adds a degree of granularity and patron-specificity to the vendor’s trendy framework so that actual international conditions are considered. Integrity correctly displays the actual situation, sources, management, goals, and everyday truth in a way that greatly improves the probabilities for easy and successful implementation.”

About S&P Consultants:

S&P Consultants enjoys a 20-year recognition for “doing the right issue” in healthcare IT, facilitating realistic interactions among all parties in HIS implementations. Their InTegrity℠ approach presents a strong “genetic roadmap” and adaptive framework to organizations trying to ensure complicated initiatives’ success.

About KLAS:

KLAS is a facts-driven agency on an assignment to improve the world’s healthcare by permitting issuer and payer voices to be heard and counted. Working with thousands of healthcare experts, KLAS collects insights on software, services, and medical devices to deliver reviews, trending facts, and statistical overviews. KLAS information is accurate, sincere, and impartial. The research reflects the voice of healthcare specialists and acts as a catalyst for improving seller performance. To study more about KLAS and the insights we offer

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