Hike introduces Sticker Chat app

Domestic messaging app Hike has released the Hike Sticker Chat app, a personalized way for users to interact with buddies. The corporation claims that each new Sticker Chat uses Machine Learning. Some of the capabilities of Hike Sticker Chat consist of:

Sticker Suggestions: Users can discover the right decal at the same time as they may be chatting. These are powered using superior Machine Learning algorithms, which personalize the consumer experience.

Quick Reply: Tap on any sticker you send or obtain to respond or promptly comply with a relevant decal.
Text to Stickers: Users can turn their readers into the diffusion of vibrant stickers in real-time.

Chat app

Swipe to Reply: Reply to all your messages and stickers you obtain.

Moments: Moments are a manner for customers to capture and proportion their favorite reminiscences with their close friends.

Star Message: Enables users to store messages to consult them later easily.

“We’re virtually excited to launch Hike Sticker Chat, a new and incredibly personalized way for young Indians to specify themselves with their close pals. Stickers are in the middle of Hike Sticker Chat and are built with Machine Learning at its center. The app seamlessly tailors itself around each person’s tastes to make communique sincerely simple and expressive via bringing you the right decal at the right time,” said Kavin Bharti Mittal, founder & CEO of Hike. “In a panorama like India where dialects trade every few kilometers, keyboards aren’t nicely equipped; subsequently, the brand new-age Indian internet customers are seeking a seamless way to speak.

With this launch, we are taking a large step to solving that hole by decreasing human beings’ dependency on the keyboard,” delivered Kavin. Home-based messaging app Hike has launched new lively stickers on the occasion of the approaching Holi festival. The stickers are available in the Hike app now. Hike users can download those from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. As per the employer, the new Holi sticker % comes filled with fun, colorful and joyous stickers depicting the actual spirit of the pageant— from Bollywood references to ‘guajira’ to ‘gulal’ to ‘bhang’.

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