WhatsApp Messages Can Be Traced Without Diluting End-to-End Encryption, IIT-M Professor Says

With India urgent for traceability of WhatsApp messages to check the unfold of fake information, a professor at the Indian Institute of Technology-Madras on Wednesday harassed that the difficulty may be effortlessly resolved without diluting give up-to-give up encryption and affecting the privateness of customers.WhatsApp Messages Can Be Traced Without Diluting End-to-End Encryption, IIT-M Professor Says 1
“If WhatsApp says it isn’t technically viable to reveal the originator of the message, I can display that it is viable,” stated V. Kamakoti, while turning in a lecture at Indian Council of World Affairs.
“When a message is despatched from WhatsApp, the identity of the originator can also be discovered along side the message. So the message and the identification of the author can be seen only via the recipient. When that recipient forwards the message, his/her identification may be discovered to the subsequent recipient,” he stated, adding that as per court ruling, people who ahead a dangerous message can also be held accountable in certain instances.
“In this way, you do no longer want to interrupt stop-to-cease encryption and infringe the privateness of anybody and yet make the messages traceable whilst the investigating corporations need to find out. And that is what we’ve projected to WhatsApp,” he stated.
India started out urgent for traceability of WhatsApp messages after several lynching instances final year have been related to rumors unfold at the messaging carrier.
WhatsApp has maintained that permitting traceability will dilute its end-to-end encryption which ensures that only the sender of the message and the recipient can see the message – no longer even WhatsApp itself.

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