GovTech Giant Accela Launches New Cloud-Based Cannabis Software

By 2025, the U.S. Cannabis marketplace is expected to reach annual sales of $26 billion, keeping with projections using New Frontier Data. And, as legalization spreads throughout the state, marketers and buyers are looking for new agencies avenues to cash in on this huge marketplace possibility.GovTech Giant Accela Launches New Cloud-Based Cannabis Software 1
But even in this hastily evolving context, much of the industry nonetheless runs on pen and paper statistics and face-to-face conversation. While this has many blessings, starting from being able to leverage private connections to being immune to cyber assaults, those structures also come with increased possibilities of making errors, which in the long run create liabilities for companies and authorities companies.
Seeking to cope with this difficulty, authorities software program behemoth, Accela, which changed into acquired with the aid of Berkshire Partners in 2017, in a transaction touted as “the biggest gov tech deal ever,” has partnered up with Los Angeles-primarily based tech startup Kind Financial to launch a cloud-primarily based seed-to-sale answer for the cannabis industry, the agencies discovered in an extraordinary communication ahead in their press launch hitting the twine Wednesday morning.

“The partnership will offer kingdom and nearby governments with advanced capabilities to accumulate and display the crucial information had to tune compliance with jurisdictional policies, legal guidelines, and rules governing cannabis-associated corporations and the felony delivers chain,” they explain for within the launch.

By helping agencies navigate the complicated and changing guidelines that include legalization, the relaxation of the players in the enterprise – from farmers to companies – can better meet industry and consumer demand, Kind Financial’s David Dinenberg explicated all through a distinct communique.

The product is a real cloud-primarily based and Azure-compliant machine. In this manner that multi-tenants can take gain of all standardized Azure generations.
A One-Of-Its-Kind Solution?
Accela claims it has built the most effective quit-to-end hashish regulation answer (at least the simplest one within the market proper now) that gives local and state governments all the competencies they need to manipulate cannabis rules and codes of practice.

The GovTech agency also announced a partnership with any other organization called cloudPWR recently. CloudPWR will offer the patient registry factor of this large environment now along with Kind. In turn, Kind will function the tune and hint thing.
“State and nearby governments are an increasing number of inquiring for greater superior cloud-primarily based technology to help them to preserve up with a rapidly converting cannabis landscape,” said Greg Felix, Vice President of Strategic Solutions at Accela. “The partnership among Accela and Kind marks the next technology of technological solutions that the marketplace is traumatic. We are each devoted to offering new integrated capabilities, records security, workflow optimization, and the gear to assist maximize tax sales and prevent diversion of legal cannabis to the illicit marketplace or inversion of unlawful product into the prison marketplace.”

“We are excited to be a quintessential factor of Accela’s stop-to-end environment for governments to control the complex global of hashish law throughout commercial enterprise allowing, track and trace, and patient registry,” ended David Dinenberg, CEO at Kind. “By partnering with Accela, we consider that we can exponentially amplify and accelerate our efforts to help the quickest-growing enterprise inside the global attain the extent of adulthood and commercial enterprise recognition it merits.”

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