Ecommerce money owed for forty eight% of PostNL’s revenue

E-commerce is becoming more and more critical for Dutch postal business enterprise PostNL. Last year, 48 percent of the organization’s total turnover came from sales derived from e-commerce logistics. In 2017, this proportion was 34 percent; in the remaining year, it expanded to 42 percent. In its annual record, PostNL expects to reap its target of 50 percent by 2020 in advance of schedule.

In the last 12 months, PostNL Group’s sales have increased from 1.7 percent to 2. Seventy-seven billion euros. Parcels sales (aside from Spring) multiplied via 19. Eight races to one. Thirty-three billion euros, at the same time as volumes in this business, grew significantly, via 21.5 percent. Overall, the Dutch postal agency introduced 252 million parcels in 2018.


On top days, 1,4 million parcels per day

“We hold tempo with e-commerce increase by expanding our community, hiring extra people and continuously innovating our parcel series, sorting and delivery models,” CEO Herna Verhagen says. “In 2018, parcel volumes multiplied, employing more than 20 percent. On a median day, we now deliver over 800,000 parcels. On top days, which include black Friday and Sinterklaas, the daily volume increased to four million parcels according to today.”

The decline in customer satisfaction

Although Parcels noticed an outstanding boom in extent and revenue, there was additionally a decline in consumer pleasure, average reputation scores, and worker engagement in 2018. “The constantly developing e-commerce market required us to speed up and boom our investments in the potential of Parcels’ infrastructure, each inside the Netherlands and Belgium,” the organization explains. “We will retain awareness on reworking to an e-commerce logistics employer using strengthening the range of consumer solutions we provide and further developing our virtual providing.”

PostNL to Acquire Competitor Sandy.

Simultaneously, PostNL launched its annual report; the postal organization also announced it to obtain competing postal business enterprise Sandy. The Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets nevertheless needs to approve the purchase. However, if it does, PostNL will take over an enterprise with 19,00 personnel (16,000 mail deliverers) and a revenue mail quantity of 201 million euros.

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