Goodyear City Council adopts resolution approving improvement agreement for Microsoft

GOODYEAR, AZ — The Goodyear City Council followed a decision tonight approving a development agreement for Microsoft. The deal permits the tech giant to start production of buildings on its 279-acre website online south of the Goodyear Airport earlier than the city adopts a site plan. Three extra homes might be delivered later. “As we determine our plans for the Phoenix vicinity, it is our purpose to emerge as an excellent member of the community using constructing partnerships that supply economic, social, and environmental blessings,” says Luke Marcoe, a Microsoft spokesman.

Microsoft bought the land to grow a technology middle but has said little or no about its intentions. The secretive plans fueled hopes among citizens their metropolis might soon be welcoming a chief business enterprise imparting high-paying jobs. “We’ve essentially become a warehouse community instead of a high-tech progressive type vicinity,” Peter Minarik says. Work is already starting at the site alongside Broadway among Bullard Avenue and Litchfield Park Road. Its closest pals are farms to the south. As Maricopa County grows west of Phoenix, Goodyear evolves from a farm community to a metropolis. Transitioning from a reliance on agriculture to warehousing hubs and now excessive tech.


“The more business you convey here, the greater manufacturing you convey right here, the higher off it is for the metropolis,” resident Constantine Salmos says. As anticipation grows regarding Microsoft’s arrival, Beth Crain, who just moved to Goodyear from Seattle, where Microsoft is based, warns prosperity comes at a charge. “It unfolded a lot of jobs and quite a few possibilities. However, there may be a dark side,” Crain warned. Crain’s enjoyment was an overtaxed transportation device with too many people and excessive site visitors. What changed into once a 15-minute pressure to the limited-access highway should now take over an hour,” she says. For now, as a minimum, visitor issues may be a small price to pay for Goodyear residents who are hoping Microsoft has big plans for its network.

Johnny J. Hernandez
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