The first-class PDF apps to use for enhancing, redacting, and for OCR in macOS Mojave

Every app on the Mac could make PDFs, and Mojave’s Preview can be extra than we generally deliver its credit score for. If Macs were that appropriate with PDFs out of the container, there would not be any third-birthday party apps doing the activity. So if you do an awful lot more than create simple PDFs or if you need to edit them and redact parts, you do need to appear somewhere else.

We looked someplace else. Starting with Adobe’s very own app, Acrobat, we additionally tried out PDF Expert, PDFpen, and PDF Studio Pro for the Mac.

The first-class PDF apps to use for enhancing, redacting, and for OCR in macOS Mojave 1

The short model is that any of them will be correct for more famous huge paintings on PDFs. They’re now not all Mac-like, and a few take extra being used to than others; however, in place of looking at everyone, in turn, we’re putting them to apply.

When you want to do something more than study or annotate a PDF, you’ll be editing textual content, redacting sections, altering photos, and the use of OCR. This is the way you do every of those inside the first PDF apps on the Mac.


You recognize susceptible information being seemingly eliminated in a PDF. Yet, humans can then examine it by just copying and pasting all of the text into Word or Pages. What came about there’s that a person did this redaction, as it called, by merely highlighting the touchy textual content and applying a black layer over it.

They didn’t recognize there had been something incorrect with that, and we can realize that they weren’t using a Mac PDF app.

While they can all redact statistics greater very well than this highlighting choice, PDF Expert is the most truthful of these apps to do it in. You click on the Redact tool, after which drag throughout the textual content you need hidden. By default, it places that acquainted, even notorious, black highlight over the phrases —however, it also removes that text permanently.

There is a choice to, without a doubt, erase without leaving the highlighting; however, whether you operate that or not, the actual words are physically deleted from the document, and they are not ever coming lower back.

That’s the case with all of those apps, but, very fantastically, we now would not use Adobe Acrobat for redaction. Adobe invented the PDF, and this is their app, but its redaction is merely too crude.

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