Romanian startup Blugento raises €1 million to scale its e-commerce solutions the world over

Cluj-Napoca-based total startup Blugento’s core commercial enterprise is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) answer for e-trade. Using the Magento framework, Blunt’s platform enables business owners to create e-shops and automate their online business methods successfully. Founded in 2016, the startup has raised an investment of €1 million from the Polish organization R22 to reinforce international growth, put money into new e-trade merchandise, and develop its enterprise guide services for setting up offline enterprise proprietors which might be trying to add an online sales movement.

“Our expansion plans target each new market and product,” said Jakub Dwernicki, CEO of R22. “We have constructed a complete portfolio of services and equipment that allow marketers to broaden their online business and support them in automating business tactics. Blugento is a unique tool that allows the speedy and value-powerful creation of expert online stores. The enterprise has confirmed its price at the Romanian marketplace and is prepared for global enlargement.” Blugento formerly raised a spherical of €120k in 2017, and following the present-day funding, the business enterprise is envisioned to be worth around €3.Eight million.


The company’s improvement plan includes upgrading its e-commerce answers with the latest technology, including Magento 2, Progressive Web APP, Serverless, and Kubernetes. It also plans to extend into new markets, France and Poland. In 2018, e-trade in Romania grew 30%, accomplishing a total of €3.Five billion. This represents the best increase in Europe for the second consecutive 12 months, demonstrating the massive capability for growing online shops inside the USA. Blunt performs a unique and vital role in the economic system’s GDP, In an equal manner, telecoms infrastructure did return within the old days – the corporation has an impressive gain of creating a sturdy e-commerce marketplace inside and outside of Romania.

“The partnership with the R22 Group will help us reach our development dreams, create the exceptional e-trade answer for small and medium-sized corporations, and extend ourselves the world over,” stated Sandu Băbăşan, CEO of Blunt. “The support from R22 includes not simplest development funding, but additionally entry to expertise and a base of more than 250,000 Group customers; we’re on a venture to hit a 0.2 seconds load time and guide one thousand+ on line shops in Romania.” Blunt plans to extend its crew with generation and commercial enterprise specialists in e-commerce and attain 35 employees with the aid of the quit of 12 months.

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