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Kolkata: Man chases cellphone snatchers, recovers smartphone, gets them arrested

KOLKATA: A middle-aged taxi motive force chased a collection of 3 snatchers on a scooter, recovered a cell telephone that the trio had snatched from him, and passed them over to the police in Kolkata early on Friday.
The incident came about at around 1.50  a.m. at Kidderpore on Friday, even as the complainant changed into speaking on his cellular phone while standing on the road near Sick Lane crossing Circular Garden Reach Road.

“The trio was on a bike, and one among them snatched the cellular telephone from him and started speeding closer to Kidderpore crossing. The guy chased them strolling, but the trio sped away. The guy, however, had stated down the registration quantity of the motorbike,” stated an officer of Watgunge police station.
The guy had a friend at a nearby store and began chasing the trio on the pal’s bike. The man saved chasing the scooter for an excellent 2.5km before they intercepted them at the Bhukailash Road crossing,  which the scooter had slowed down after seeing a collection of police officers beforehand.

The guy held them and referred them to law enforcement officials for assistance. “The snatched phone turned into recovered from the ownership of the three youths, and the offending scooter was seized while arresting them,” stated the officer. The three youths have been recognized as Anurag Tiwary (25), Suraj Mandal (24), and Rohit Roy (20), all citizens of Karl Marz Sarani.


KOLKATA: North Bengal will preserve to get heavy downpours until Sunday, with some regions expected to witness extraordinarily heavy rain. The Met workplace has issued a purple alert for hilly inclusive areas of Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri, and Alipurduar. “Three mixed elements – a cyclonic stream over north-Japanese UP and adjacent Bihar, passing of a trough of low close to the Himalayan foothills and robust moisture incursion from the Bay of Bengal – will hold to cause heavy rain in north Bengal,” stated a Met professional.

The red alert has been sounded for Saturday while some locations in Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri, and Alipurduar districts could witness more than 20cm of rain. Heavy to very heavy rain alert (7 to 20cm) has been sounded for Coochbehar and Kalimpong, while Malda, South and North 24 Parganas will obtain heavy rain measuring between 7 and 11cm. Though there is no red alert for Sunday, heavy to very heavy rainfall is probably to hold in Coochbehar, Alipurduaur, Jalpaiguri, and Darjeeling. Places like Bagdogra recorded 20cm of rain in the past 24 hours. Other areas hit by heavy showers covered Gazoledoba (17cm), Buxuduar (15cm), Jalpaiguri (14cm), and Sevoke (13cm).

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