HP Spectre x360 13 2019 overview: This computer receives stupidly good battery life

Oh, HP Spectre x360 thirteen, you’re such an overachiever. While others on your elegance just smartphone it year, you’re continually looking to improve yourself. This year, you’ve honestly long gone over the pinnacle. Besides a major frame redecoratingedwith sculpted “diamond-cut” angles, you’re also packing Intel’s modern Whiskey Lake CPU and a 1-watt panel that slays in the battery branch. Wen’t even bring up all the different goods wou’ve pioneered: pen aid, convertible layout, biometric cameras, and splendid bang for the dollar. So, while others are content with a brand new shade swath or LED trade, the Spectre x360 13 (2019 version) nonetheless impresses. Of direction, no pc is faultless, but this new version still works to improve upon the simply nice one it replaces.

HP Spectre x360 thirteen specifications
HP constantly places top-shelf components in its Spectre laptops, and the x360 thirteen is no one of a kind. Our model, priced at $1449 through HP.Com, is configured with the following:
CPU: 8th gen Intel “Whiskey Lake” Core i7-8565U
Screen: thirteen.3-inch low-voltage 1920x1080p IPS contact display with pen help
Networking: WiFi 5 / 802.11ac

Of the specifications shown right here, the one that deserves a unique call is the display. As the second one pc, we’ve visible to sport Intel’s “1-watt panel” PDT generation, the screen promises a first-rate increase in battery lifestyles. We won’t destroy the entire tale (see our battery life section if you need to skip ahead), but it doesn’t disappoint. The computer is 12.1 inches wide and about 8.6 inches deep. It’s zero.57-inch girth sounds thick, but it’s comparable to different laptops in its class. For weight, our scale placed it 2 kilos, 14 ounces, which is some oz. It is heavier than Dell’s XPS 13 9380.

HP Spectre x360 thirteen Ports

The HP Spectre x360 has thirteen sports activities, two Thunderbolts, three ports on the right facet, a microSD, and analog headset ports. You possibly can’t see it, but a tiny slide switch can help you turn off the webcam. The proper facet of the Spectre x360 thirteen is sparser. However, it gives critical things. The first is the USB Type A. Yes, the cherished square USB you’ve regarded for seeing you later suits this skinny laptop, saving you from dongle hell.

The different function that’s stupidly clever is relocating the electricity button to the cut-out nook. Raise your hand if you’ve accidentally locked up your laptop and bypassed its aspect-mounted strength button, placing it into sleep mode or worse. We additionally locate that aspect-established electricity buttons force a lot of head-tilting to find that button while you need it. The nook location fixes both of those troubles.

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