How Reliable Are Payment Apps Like Venmo, Zelle and Cash App?

Payment apps like Venmo and Zelle provide a manner to ship and receive money at the press of a button. However, how dependable are they? With over 15 million users and development, online fee service “Cash App” is participating in speedy success. “Cash App” has emerged as a success tale in many of the more crowded areas of price apps, doubling its active users in a yr. One of those clients, Porter Myrick of Chicago’s Pullman neighborhood, said he started using “Cash App” closing yr. Myrick has long been a consumer of finance apps like Zelle and Venmo, which he uses to transfer cash to pals and his family.

In December of the remaining 12 months, he attempted a brand new “Cash App.” After a $two hundred payment he purported to get hold of went lacking, he began fumbling with the app to discover solutions. “In the middle, there’s a tab that suggests to me the quantity to be had, after which there’s a tab that announces cash assist,” Myrick stated. Myrick wanted that support when he could not discover the $200 switch. However, solutions didn’t come smoothly. In mid-March, he accompanied all the prompts and submitted an inquiry to the customer support middle–but he by no means heard lower back.

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It seems his money turned into sitting within the app the complete time–he couldn’t discover it. Myrick best learned wherein his cash was gambling with the app for weeks and mastering its nuances. A reaction from “Cash App” ought to have helped him discover his money plenty quicker. Myrick started a customer service reaction that would have advanced what he enjoys on the app. Financial analysts like Lamont Black, a professor at DePaul University, said rapid-growing groups could experience growing pains. Black stated many new tech groups like “Cash App” lack the customer support assist had to parallel rapid growth.

One way to ensure you know where your cash goes while using an app like “Cash App” is to test it out with a chum. “If you download it and attempt to use it immediately without understanding where your money is, it’d come to be in the incorrect account,” Black stated. A “Cash App” spokesperson advised CBS 2, “Our goal is constantly to provide customers with speedy and considerate customer service. Occasionally, as in this case, we fall brief of that aim, and we’ll use it as a possibility to analyze and do higher in the destiny.” After Myrick’s debacle was resolved, “Cash App” shipped him a customer service survey.

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