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Azerbaijan experiences vehicle imports increase

The boom of the welfare of Azerbaijani human beings and the improvement of the non-oil quarter brought about a sharp growth in imports of cars, trucks, and buses into the united states.

The car import increase that began in Azerbaijan last 12 months continued this 12 months too, regardless of a substantive growth in excise taxes imposed on the imported automobiles.

Thus, in January 2019, 2,512 cars had been imported into the united states, which is 1,526 devices, or 2.Five times more than in January 2018, in keeping with the State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan.

From January 1, 2019, with the corresponding amendments to the Tax Code of Azerbaijan excise taxes at the import of automobiles have been raised, relying on the engine length.

Azerbaijan experiences vehicle imports increase 1

Thus, the excise tax at the import of vehicles with an engine potential up to two,000 cubic centimeters is zero — three manats for every cubic centimeter, against previous zero.2 manats.

For motors with a massive engine capacity, new excise taxes come as follows: up to 3000 cubic centimeters – six hundred manats (previously 400 manats) plus 5 manats (formerly three manats) for each cubic centimeter of engine (from 2001 to 3000) cubic centimeters of engine length and so on. That is, on typical, excise charges imposed on imported automobiles multiplied through 50 percentage.

But notwithstanding this, a significant boom in the income of a particular part of the populace allowed to increase imports of passenger automobiles into the country in January this yr via 1,359 units, or 2.5 times, accordingly achieving the quantity of two,267 units.

Also, the ongoing improvement of the national financial system and the hole of massive factories in the non-oil zone led to an upward thrust in a truck call for. In January of this year, 215 trucks have been supplied to Azerbaijan, which is three times greater than in the equal duration of the closing year.

Improvement of the overall financial performance of the country additionally allowed beginnin tog actively replace the bus fleet. In January alone, 18 buses had been imported, that is four.5 times extra than inside the equal duration of 2018.

And it isn’t unexpected that, against this historical past, the fees of entrepreneurs at the import of cars and spare elements for them have pretty risen.

According to the effects of 2018, 28,876 motors have been imported from overseas. For imports of cars and spare parts $641.7 million were spent in 2018, that is $219.6 million, or 52 percent more significant in comparison to 2017.

Over the beyond years, the minimal import of passenger vehicles turned into observed in 2016 – 4,991 gadgets. The most quantity of imports of cars fell in 2013.

Despite the excessive fee of vehicle imports, Azerbaijan nonetheless takes steps to set up an automobile assembly to prevent currency outflows and meet the needs of the populace and marketers in cars through establishing neighborhood plant life.

Cars, trailers, and semi-trailers were produced in you S. Worth 106.6 million manats consistent with the effects of 2018, that is 31 times more as compared to 2017, consistent with the State Statistics Committee.

As many as 969 automobiles were produced in 2018, that is 32 — four times more than in 2017.

Such a pointy growth inside the production of automobiles inside the USA turned into done by using a common Azerbaijani-Iranian Khazar plant inside the Neftchala industrial park.

By the manner, beginning from the modern-day yr, Khazar cars are predicted to be exported, to start with to the Russian market.

Also, the Nakhchivan facility opened in 2010 assembles eight models of Lifan passenger cars designed via China’s Lifan Group, which affords all of the necessary spare parts for motors to the plant so they’ll be assembled in Azerbaijan beneath the direct supervision of the Chinese automobile professionals.

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