How does Microsoft’s digital workspace app compare to VMware and Citrix’s?

Microsoft has its workspace app interface—the Intune Company Portal app. However, they did not type it up as much as the alternative. So we have been curious: How does MiMicrosoft’s virtual workspace consumer experience compare to Citrix and VMVMware’s first, what makes up the digital workspace revel in? When we communicate approximately “d”gital workspaces,” “here are numerous possible additives, like EMM/UEM, identification management, digital computer systems and apps, collaboration tools, analytics for admins, and more. Essentially, the platform aggregates the entirety from the admin and user sides, even though we are focusing on the person aspect right here.

For end users, those features are reachable from a single workspace app. No count what platform customers are on, this is the only area they can get right of entry to the whole lot, from apps to notifications and IT guides. Users need to understand where to head when they need to get the right access to what they need, whether it’s locate an authorized app or something else.

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What do you get with the Intune Company Portal?

MiMicrosoft’sake at the digital workspace is the Intune Company Portal app. Here’s what it does: From the Company Portal app, customers will see all in their Intune-managed gadgets. Users can download the app onto multiple devices, whether they use a computer (Mac or Windows), iOS, or Android. Unfortunately, you can’t access the Intune Company Portal app through an internet browser. There is a Company Portal website, but it is constrained to simply permitting customers to feature, put off, or edit their managed gadgets, now not get the right of entry to the app itself.

Overall, the Intune Company Portal app provides a reasonably uniform user enjoyment. Each app version follows the native UI conventions for each OS (e.g., iOS has tabs on hand from the bottom while AnAndroid’s is at the top). Anyone who has ever used an app could be capable of navigating through to what they want fast enough. The app allows for corporate branding alternatives, but the screenshots make it seem like it can be integrated more evidently (or the pictures used simply are excellent).

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