Readers Write: Shameful marketing campaign against Markowitz

I read with utter amazement the recent article concerning Steve Markowitz that turned into written in the July 5 trouble of the Great Neck News. The disparaging way in which Steve Markowitz has been described as well as the letters to the editor that have been posted from folks who seem to have a few different agenda is shameful.Readers Write: Shameful marketing campaign against Markowitz 1
This is an try to undermine the popularity of an outstanding and famous citizen who has been a staunch supporter of Jewish causes for many years. I’ve recognized Steve for almost 30 years, and I can properly say that Steve is a person who offers his time, attempt and strength to establishments and folks that suggest for the greater excellent. I recognize him nice as past president of Temple Israel of Great Neck in which he placed outstanding emphasis on bringing the Conservative, Reform, Orthodox and Sephardic communities together.
The human beings involved in this terrible campaign towards Steve have no concept who he’s or what he has contributed to the Great Neck and Long Island network, and to the Jewish network as a whole. He doesn’t deserve this.

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