Microsoft is slipping app commercials into Android menus

If you use a Microsoft app on your Android telephone, Microsoft is probably quietly advertising and marketing its other apps to your “Share” and “Open” menus. Android Police has discussed how some Microsoft cellular apps upload greater alternatives on your menus when interacting with a file. These icons display Microsoft apps that aren’t for your phone, taking over real property usually reserved for programs you selected to put in. Android Police examined this with multiple Microsoft apps, and The Verge showed that it’s occurring with Your Phone Companion, an app for syncing Android and Windows devices. When I shared a photo from my cellphone with Your Phone Companion set up, my sharing menu included a further icon, “Microsoft OneDrive (Install).” Tapping the icon might open Your Phone Companion, then quickly redirect me to the Google Play Store. Android Police discovered comparable results while establishing a PowerPoint presentation record with Microsoft Word set up.

The problem has been around for a minimum of a few months. Android Police stated one user had submitted a tip about it in April, and Thurrott said it back in February. But it hasn’t gotten vast attention. As Android Police notes, Microsoft launched a laptop notification characteristic that makes the Your Phone Companion app more useful. These little commercials aren’t a large inconvenience. Many folks who install one Microsoft app could have others set up already, so they’ll see regular icons. As Android Police notes, many different people will nearly by no means open PowerPoint or Excel files. Sharing pictures is a far greater, not unusual undertaking, but I’ve already been given dozens of in-no-way-used icons on my share screen, so I slightly observed one greater.


Even so, Microsoft is putting a terrible precedent here. If every app developer followed its lead, Android menus could be even more crowded and complicated than they may be nowadays. Fortunately, we haven’t seen other important companies with this tactic. Android Police mentions that Android Q limits its effectiveness — so instead of seeing a deceptive OneDrive icon, you’ll see the normal Your Phone Companion one. In business, your upgrade to Office 2013 would be just like beyond updates. Your enterprise purchases licenses to use Office 2013 and applies an upgrade plan for computer users. For your own private or small business use, you buy this system outright without subscription prices and either set it up from a disk or download it.

What is Microsoft Office 365?

Office 365 offers Office 2013 applications as a part of a subscription carrier that includes an online garage, sharing, and syncing through Microsoft cloud offerings. Office 365 will be available in home, enterprise, government, and training. When purchased as a part of an Office 365 subscription, the Office 2013 packages and associated services are continually to be had in the present-day model in addition to enhancements to future variations of Microsoft Office for the identical subscription charge, which starts offevolved at $10 to $15 a month for home or small enterprise variations. One of the complicated parts about Office 365 is that, even though it is a third-party provider, you no longer need to be perpetually online to get admission to programs including Excel and Word. These packages are set up from the internet, but the paintings are just like conventional laptop software, whether you are online or offline. Thus, Office 365 is not completely clouding. Being online and signed in allows you to get the right of entry to documents in cloud storage services.

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