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Magnitude of vehicle slowdown

The importance of a slowdown in motor income is annoying. Never for a reason that flip of the millennium have matters gone awry to this extent for the enterprise, though there have been sustained periods of lull earlier than (Chart 1). A contraction of nineteen percent in vehicle income in July 2019 becomes the worst considering April 2001. While the gloom in passenger vehicles started early, commercial vehicle sales, a critical indicator of monetary activity, have now accompanied (Chart 2). Overall recovery isn’t always in sight if we look at car registration at the user cease. But three-wheelers appear to be doing better or overdue, as their  growrolls in June more than within the April-June sector (Chart 3).


Corporate income records alsoreflectg the hassle. However, auto ancillaries are still better, courtesy of a bigger share of exports in their income matrix (Chart 4). However, the same can’t be said for earnings. Auto exports are doing way better than home income (Chart five). The former grew at 4, keeping with cent in July, consistent with manufacturers’ data. However, typical car export earnings declined by five percent in April-June 2019 over the same period of the previous 12 months (Chart 6). In phrases of contribution, while auto components exports have remained unchanged, vehicle and two-wheeler exports have reduced, suggesting that the demand for completed vehicles is a larger fear in international markets for Indian vehicle players (Chart 7).

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